Biota of Rhode Island Series

RINHS is the leading publisher of scientific information about Rhode Island’s ecological heritage. The books, monographs, and meeting proceedings published by the Survey bring together scientific data of special significance to Rhode Island, from leading scholars here and around the country.  RINHS also distributes local and regional natural history books and information from other sources.

Ecology of Block Island (cover) Seeweeds of New England (cover) Vascular Flora of RI (Cover) Vertebrates of RI (Cover) Beetles of Rhode Island

RINHS publications are available directly from the office. RINHS members receive a 10% discount. Retail and textbook orders are welcome and qualify for re-seller’s discounts.

RINHS is proud to offer its latest title: The Mycota of Rhode Island by URI faculty emeritus Roger D. Goos. For information on the book, click HERE.

RINHS Publications include:

  • The Mycota of Rhode Island: A Checklist of the Fungi Recorded in Rhode Island (Including Lichens and Myxomycetes), by Roger D. Goos (2010)
  • A Natural History Directory for the State of Rhode Island, 2nd Edition, by L. L. Gould (1995)
  • The Beetle Fauna of Rhode Island, Volume 3 of the Biota of Rhode Island, by Derek S. Sikes (2004)
  • Illustrated Key to the Seaweeds of New England, 2nd Edition, by M. Villalard-Bohnsack (2003)
  • Vascular Flora of Rhode Island: Volume 1 of the Biota of Rhode Island, by L. L. Gould, R. W. Enser, R. L. Champlin, and I. H. Stuckey (1998)
  • Vertebrates of Rhode Island, Volume 2 of the Biota of Rhode Island, by P. V. August, R. W. Enser, and L. L. Gould (2001)
  • The Birds of the Kickemuit and Surrounding Environs in Warren, Rhode Island: A Six-decade Perspective, by R. Bowen and S. E. Reinert (2001)
  • The Ecology of Block Island (Proceedings from the October 2000 RINHS Conference), P. Paton, P. V. August, L. L. Gould, and A. Frost (2002)
  • Foliose and Fruticose Lichens of Rhode Island, by Don Flenniken (2003): the RINHS’ first electronic publication
  • Rhode Island Geology for the Non-geologist, by Alonzo Quinn [reprinted]
  • Rhode Island Wildflowers, by I. H. Stuckey (2000) [reprinted]

Rhode Island Naturalist: Our semi-annual newsletter

Rhode Island Naturalist
Recent issues of RI Naturalist, our semi-annual newsletter, are available to download in PDF format, archives of earlier issues are available in html.

Web Publications

RI_Lichens_tmb Sikes, Beetle Fauna of Rhode Island Natural Communities of RI: Cover

A fundamental goal of the Rhode Island Natural History Survey is to make information about local environmental science as widely available and as useful as possible. In early 2003, we expanded our publications program to include electronic-only publications, made freely available online at this website. The Web Publications program is meant to augment, not to replace, the traditional book publications program of the Survey, which is growing with great success.

One of the main reasons we are pursuing web publications is the reduced cost of electronic-only publishing compared to print publishing. This does not mean that this program is without cost, but it does mean that we can consider publishing manuscripts that would be prohibitively expensive for us to publish and distribute as printed books. We have begun the Web Publications program with an ideal example of the usefulness of this medium: Rhode Island’s Foliose and Fruticose Lichens (Flenniken, 2003). Don Flenniken’s manuscript is an important survey of a group of environmentally sensitive organisms that are understudied in our area, and contains color photographs and distribution maps for over 90 species of lichens found in Rhode Island.

We hope to expand the Web Publications program in the upcoming years, and seek your support and feedback to make this a success. Here you will find important information that might otherwise be difficult to locate, made available to the world for free in a convenient searchable format. In addition to current unpublished manuscripts, we are considering republishing important historical books and titles from our own publications catalog through the Web Publications program. Please contact us with your suggestions and consider making a donation to support this work.

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