As part of its mission as a convener and facilitator, RINHS will from time to time act as an administrative partner for other organizations that wish to undertake projects related to Rhode Island’s biota, ecosystems, or environmental stewardship or education. Typically this is for groups without their own 501(c)(3) status, for ad hoc coalitions that come together around a single project or event, or for small groups that do not have their own administrative and bookkeeping capabilities. RINHS can meet a range of administrative needs including grant writing and project budgeting, grant submittal and accounting, hiring and administering project personnel, bookkeeping, funds disbursement, and more.

RINHS usually charges an agreed-upon percentage of project funds it handles, although other schemes (flat fees, hourly rates, exchanges of services) may be more suitable to some tasks and projects.

To be considered for fiscal agent services, a project must be within RINHS’s capabilities and consonant with its mission.

Past and Current Fiscal Agent Clients Include:

If you would like to talk to RINHS about fiscal agent services for your organization or project, please contact the Executive Director.