The Rhode Island Natural History Survey’s conferences provide the state’s environmental and life scientists with a forum to discuss key issues related to the state’s biota and habitats. In addition to scientists, the conferences are attended by policy-makers, land managers, representatives from nonprofit organizations, amateur naturalists, educators, students, and interested citizens.

Final Panel, 2011 Conference

2012 Conference
The Ecology of Rhode Island: Trends in Human-Wildlife Interaction

Thursday, March 29, 2012 ~ 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Quonset O Club, North Kingston [DIRECTIONS/MAP]

RINHS will host its 16th annual ecology conference on March 29, 2012. This year’s theme is human-wildlife conflict, focused on problems in southern New England. Recent research, management directions, and public outreach initiatives about animal impacts on human activities (wildlife damage management) and human impacts on animals (conservation biology) will be presented through both oral papers and poster displays. The conference will help attendees think about recent trends in human-wildlife interactions in a systematic, science-based manner. Suburban development and increased transportation utilization have put larger numbers of people into habitats that are used increasingly by animals that were formerly much reduced or even extirpated but have now re-occupied former range. The physical gap is closing between everyday human activity and everyday wild animal activity, leading to increased conflicts and increased calls for active management of wildlife such as coyotes, beaver, deer, geese and other species. Through this conference, RINHS seeks to encourage greater public awareness of the issues, as well as application of scientific knowledge to conflict reduction.


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RINHS conferences are widely regarded for convening a broad spectrum
of people sharing a curiosity about southern New England’s animals,
plants, geology, and ecosystems. They are excellent venues for
researchers and organizations to showcase what they do in a collegial


The Ecology of Rhode Island: Science and Management of Salt Ponds and Coastal Lagoons
April 28, 2011
Quonset O Club, North Kingstown, RI

Emerging Threats to Amphibian Conservation in New England with Attention to Chytrid & Ranavirus
April 9, 2010
Quonset O Club, North Kingston, RI

Rhode Island’s Off-Shore Marine Ecosystem and the Potential Impacts of Alternative Energy Development
April 23, 2009
Quonset O Club, North Kingstown, RI

The Ecology of Rhode Island: Invasive Species, A Threat to Rhode Island’s Biodiversity
March 22, 2007
University of Rhode Island, Bay Campus, RI

Stewarding Rhode Island’s Natural Heritage
March 3, 2006
Rhodes On-the-Pawtuxet, Cranston, RI

The Ecology of Rhode Island’s Forests
March 4, 2005
Rhodes On-the-Pawtuxet, Cranston, RI

Ecological Research in Rhode Island
March 5, 2004
Rhodes On-the-Pawtuxet, Cranston, RI

Assessing Change in Rhode Island’s Ecosystems
March 7, 2003
Rhodes On-the-Pawtuxet, Cranston, RI

Ecological Research in Rhode Island: Snapshot — Where We Are Today
March 1, 2002
Radisson Airport Hotel, Warwick, RI

The Ecology of Rhode Island’s Islands:Focus on Block Island
October 28, 2000
University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI

Challenges and Opportunities Facing Rhode Island’s Biodiversity:The Science Behind the Issues
March 12, 1999
Community College of Rhode Island, Lincoln, RI

Ecological Research in Rhode Island: A Continuing Assessment
January 9, 1998
University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI

Sharing the Knowledge: The Use of Ecological Information in Rhode Island
January 19, 1996
Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI

Ecological Research in Rhode Island: What’s Going On?
October 14, 1994
Radisson Hotel, Warwick, RI

What Do We Know About Rhode Island’s Ecological Resources?
April 2, 1993
Roger Williams Park, Providence, RI
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