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Volume 14 • Number 1• Summer 2007

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Featured Articles:
Phragmites australis: It’s Not All Bad
• A Different Sort of Invader: The Second Manatee to visit Rhode Island
• RINHS Hosts the 31st Annual A.L. Andrews Foray
• Banding Birds at Kingston Wildlife Research Station: The 39-Year Legacy of Douglas Kraus
• Distinguished Naturalist Award
• and Lots More…

Volume 13 • Number 1• Summer 2006

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Featured Articles:
• Northern Harrier Nesting Update by Michael Byrne
• Is Carex kobomugi in Coastal RI a Threat to the Maritime/Beach Dune Community?
• Wandering Hooded Seals by Heather Medic
• Launching a Sea Turtle Disentanglement Program in Rhode Island
• “The Invasives Beat” by Lisa Gould
• URI Marine Animal Sounds in the Macaulay Library’s Marine Collection
• and Lots More…

Volume 12• Number 2• November 2005

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Featured Articles:
• Plant Invasions in Rhode Island Riparian Zones by Suzanne Lussier and S. DaSilva.
• Paleostratigraphy in the Campus Freezer by Robert Kenney
• Wandering Hooded Seals by Heather Medic
• Bringing Watershed Health and Land Use History into the Classroom by Kristen Puryear
• The Paleozoology Collection of the Museum of Natural History,Roger Williams Park by Michael Kieron
• “The Invasives Beat” by Lisa Gould
• BioBlitz 2005 Summary
• and Lots More…

Volume 12• Number 1 • May 2005

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Featured Articles:
• The Role of Herbalism in the Loss of Native Plants of the Northeast by Lyn Hayden
• A Preliminary Survey of Cottontails on Narragansett Bay Islands by Numi Mitchell, et. al.
• Surveying Butterflies in Rhode Island by Eugenia Marks
• Notes from Field and Study: Botanical Taxonomy Marches on by Richard Enser
• Ecological Inevtory, Monitoring, and Stewardship Program: 2004 Odonata Atlas Summary by Virginia Brown
• Roger D. Goos, 2005 RINHS Distinguished Naturalist by Keith Killingbeck
• Elmer A. Palmatier, 2005 RINHS Posthumous Distinguished Naturalist Award by Keith Killingbeck
• Rhode Island’s Forests, 2005 RINHS Conference by Todd McLeish
• Focus on RI Collections: Edna Lawrence Nature Lab, Rhode Island School of Design by Karen Idoine
• The Invasives Beat: What’s Here and Where Is It? by Lisa Gould

Volume 11• Number 2 • November 2004

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Featured Articles:
• Estimating Fish Predation by Cormorants in the Narragansett Bay Estuary by Deborah French, et. al.
• Habitat Relationships of Waterfowl Wintering In Narragansett Bay by Rick McKinney
• Freshwater Mussel Collections and Collectors by Jay Cordiero
• Ecological Inevtory, Monitoring, and Stewardship Program news by Virginia Brown
• BioBlitz 2004: Overview of record breaking weekend
• Rhode Island Sea Grant – Science Serving America’s Coasts by Barry Costa-Pierce

Volume 11• Number 1 • May 2004

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Featured Articles:
• Native Bees and Plant Pollination by Howard Ginsberg
• Freshwater Mussels in Rhode Island: Part II. Diversity and Distribution by Jay Cordiero
• Cactus in Rhode Island: I Prickly Question Solved by Richard Enser
• Rhode Island Collections: The Hathaway Library of Bird Egg Collection by Connie Costa
• In Memoriam: George L. Church (1903-2003) by Douglass Morse
• David L. Emerson (1924-2004), 2004 RINHS Distinguished Naturalist by Richard French
• Harold Nelson Gibbs (1886-1970), 2004 RINHS Posthumous Distinguished Naturalist Award by Charlotte Sornborger
• C. Robert Shoop (1935-2003), 2004 RINHS Posthumous Distinguished Naturalist Award by Keith Killingbeck
• Focus On: Block Island Banding Station by Steve Reinert

Volume 10 • Number 2 • November 2003

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Featured Articles:
• Freshwater Mussels in Rhode Island: Part I. Introduction by Jay Cordeiro
• Two Populations Are Better Than One: Attempting to Introduce a Population of the Endangered Sandplain Gerardia by Chris Raithel
• Estimating the Hydroperiod of Seasonal Ponds: Assessing Amphibian Breeding Habitat Suitability by Dennis E. Skidds
• Ecological Inevtory, Monitoring, and Stewardship Program by Virginia Brown
• BioBlitz 2003 Tackles Tiverton
• In Memoriam: Richard L. Champlin (1927-2003)
• Rhode Island Collections: “Just For The Record…” by Marilyn R. Massaro
• Book Review: Bigelow & Schroeder’s Fishes of the Gulf of Maine, 3rd Ed. by Grace Klein-MacPhee

Volume 10 •Number 1 • May 2003

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Featured Articles:
• Vernal Pools: Nature’s Laboratory by Gaytha Langlois
• Conflicts of Interest in the Paper Wasp Polistes dominulus: A European Invasion by Elisabeth Arevalo
• The Decline of the Area 21 Lobster Fishery: Failure Amongst Fishery Management Successes by Mark Gibson
• Cilioprotist Diversity at BioBlitz 2002, Marion Epply Wildlife Sanctuary, West Kingston, RI by Linda A. Hufnagel,
• Amy Salamone, and Lynn Patterson
• Hugh Willoughby, RINHS Distinguished Naturalist, 2003 by Robert Bushnell
• Harry S. Hathaway, Distinguished Naturalist, 2003 Posthumous Award, by Rick Enser

Volume 9 • Number 1 • May 2002

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Featured Articles:
• Narragansett Bay: The World’s Finest Estuary by Perry Jeffries
• Declining Pollinators and Natural Communities by Howard S. Ginsberg
• Earthworms – Our Exotic Friends? by Joseph Gorres
• An Invasive Red Seaweed: Morphology and Recruitment in Rhode Island Waters by Marilyn M. Harlin and Martine Villalard-Bohnsack
• Cilioprotist Diversity at a Bioblitz 2001 Site in Rhode Island by Linda A. Hufnagel
• Morphological Characteristics for Field Identification of Native and Introduced Phragmites australis by Adam M. Lambert
• E. Douglas Rayner, RINHS Distinguished Naturalist, 2001
• Grace Klein-MacPhee, RINHS Distinguished Naturalist, 2002
• Les Sirkin, 1933-2002, RINHS Distinguished Naturalist, 2002 (Posthumous Award)

Volume 8 • Number 2 • December 2001

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Featured Articles:
• Evidence for Seasonal Range Expansion by the Ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi in Northern Coastal Waters of the United States by Barbara K. Sullivan
• Changes in Lobster Populations in Narragansett Bay 1959-2000 by J.S. Cobb and M. Clancy
• Cypruss Spurge Biological Control in Rhode Island by Heather Faubert
• Species Databases and the Bioinformatics Revolution by Stephen S. Hale
• In Memoriam: Irene H. Stuckey, 1911-2001